Get Relays

This operation enumerates the publicly-available relay endpoints in a service namespace.


Method Request URI HTTP version
GET{subscription ID}/services/ServiceBus/ Namespaces/{Namespace}/Relays/$skip={skip}&$top={top}

where {skip} is the number of entries to skip, and {top} is the number of entries to retrieve.

Request Headers

The following table describes required and optional request headers.

Request Header Description
Namespace Management Endpoint URL
x-ms-version 2012-03-01

Note that the request also requires a client certificate. This certificate must match the certificate you uploaded for that particular subscription.

Request Body



The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

Response Codes

Code Description
200 Successfully retrieved relay endpoints policies.
401 Authorization failure. Returned when user does not have credentials to retrieve namespaces relay endpoints policies. This could be due to suspended subscription.
404 Entity does not exist under this namespace.
500 Internal/unhandled exception.

For information about status codes, see Status and Error Codes.

Response Headers

The response for this operation includes the following headers. The response can also include additional standard HTTP headers. All standard headers conform to the HTTP/1.1 protocol specification.

Response Header Description
Content-Type application/xml;type=collection;charset=utf-8

Response Body

The API returns an XML AtomPub document that represents each relay endpoint policy, with the following elements:

Property Name Type Description
Name String Endpoint name
Listener Type String Group of listeners type. Valid values:

- Unicast
- Multicast
- DirectConnection
- HybridConnection
- RelayedConnection
- RelayedHttp
NumberOfListeners Integer Number of current active listeners