ReplicatorOperationName enum

type: string

Specifies the operation currently being executed by the Replicator.

Possible values are:

  • Invalid - Default value if the replicator is not yet ready.
  • None - Replicator is not running any operation from Service Fabric perspective.
  • Open - Replicator is opening.
  • ChangeRole - Replicator is in the process of changing its role.
  • UpdateEpoch - Due to a change in the replica set, replicator is being updated with its Epoch.
  • Close - Replicator is closing.
  • Abort - Replicator is being aborted.
  • OnDataLoss - Replicator is handling the data loss condition, where the user service may potentially be recovering state from an external source.
  • WaitForCatchup - Replicator is waiting for a quorum of replicas to be caught up to the latest state.
  • Build - Replicator is in the process of building one or more replicas.