Delete Service

Deletes an existing Service Fabric service.

A service must be created before it can be deleted. By default, Service Fabric will try to close service replicas in a graceful manner and then delete the service. However, if the service is having issues closing the replica gracefully, the delete operation may take a long time or get stuck. Use the optional ForceRemove flag to skip the graceful close sequence and forcefully delete the service.


Method Request URI
POST /Services/{serviceId}/$/Delete?api-version=6.0&ForceRemove={ForceRemove}&timeout={timeout}


Name Type Required Location
serviceId string Yes Path
api-version string Yes Query
ForceRemove boolean No Query
timeout integer (int64) No Query


Type: string
Required: Yes

The identity of the service. This ID is typically the full name of the service without the 'fabric:' URI scheme. Starting from version 6.0, hierarchical names are delimited with the "~" character. For example, if the service name is "fabric:/myapp/app1/svc1", the service identity would be "myapp~app1~svc1" in 6.0+ and "myapp/app1/svc1" in previous versions.


Type: string
Required: Yes
Default: 6.0

The version of the API. This parameter is required and its value must be '6.0'.

Service Fabric REST API version is based on the runtime version in which the API was introduced or was changed. Service Fabric runtime supports more than one version of the API. This is the latest supported version of the API. If a lower API version is passed, the returned response may be different from the one documented in this specification.

Additionally the runtime accept any version that is higher than the latest supported version up to the current version of the runtime. So if the latest API version is 6.0, but if the runtime is 6.1, in order to make it easier to write the clients, the runtime will accept version 6.1 for that API. However the behavior of the API will be as per the documented 6.0 version.


Type: boolean
Required: No

Remove a Service Fabric application or service forcefully without going through the graceful shutdown sequence. This parameter can be used to forcefully delete an application or service for which delete is timing out due to issues in the service code that prevents graceful close of replicas.


Type: integer (int64)
Required: No
Default: 60
InclusiveMaximum: 4294967295
InclusiveMinimum: 1

The server timeout for performing the operation in seconds. This timeout specifies the time duration that the client is willing to wait for the requested operation to complete. The default value for this parameter is 60 seconds.


HTTP Status Code Description Response Schema
200 (OK) A successful operation will return 200 status code.
All other status codes The detailed error response.