Enable Application Backup

Enables periodic backup of stateful partitions under this Service Fabric application.

Enables periodic backup of stateful partitions which are part of this Service Fabric application. Each partition is backed up individually as per the specified backup policy description. Note only C# based Reliable Actor and Reliable Stateful services are currently supported for periodic backup.


Method Request URI
POST /Applications/{applicationId}/$/EnableBackup?api-version=6.2-preview&timeout={timeout}


Name Type Required Location
applicationId string Yes Path
api-version string Yes Query
timeout integer (int64) No Query
EnableBackupDescription EnableBackupDescription Yes Body


Type: string
Required: Yes

The identity of the application. This is typically the full name of the application without the 'fabric:' URI scheme. Starting from version 6.0, hierarchical names are delimited with the "~" character. For example, if the application name is "fabric:/myapp/app1", the application identity would be "myapp~app1" in 6.0+ and "myapp/app1" in previous versions.


Type: string
Required: Yes
Default: 6.2-preview

The version of the API. This parameter is required and its value must be '6.2-preview'.


Type: integer (int64)
Required: No
Default: 60
InclusiveMaximum: 4294967295
InclusiveMinimum: 1

The server timeout for performing the operation in seconds. This timeout specifies the time duration that the client is willing to wait for the requested operation to complete. The default value for this parameter is 60 seconds.


Type: EnableBackupDescription
Required: Yes

Specifies the parameters for enabling backup.


HTTP Status Code Description Response Schema
202 (Accepted) A 202 status code indicates the request to enable application backup has been accepted.
All other status codes The detailed error response.


Enable application backup

This example shows how to enable periodic backup for a stateful application.


POST http://localhost:19080/Applications/CalcApp/$/EnableBackup?api-version=6.2-preview
  "BackupPolicyName": "DailyAzureBackupPolicy"

202 Response


The response body is empty.