Faults APIs

Name Description
Start Data Loss This API will induce data loss for the specified partition. It will trigger a call to the OnDataLossAsync API of the partition.
Get Data Loss Progress Gets the progress of a partition data loss operation started using the StartDataLoss API.
Start Quorum Loss Induces quorum loss for a given stateful service partition.
Get Quorum Loss Progress Gets the progress of a quorum loss operation on a partition started using the StartQuorumLoss API.
Start Partition Restart This API will restart some or all replicas or instances of the specified partition.
Get Partition Restart Progress Gets the progress of a PartitionRestart operation started using StartPartitionRestart.
Start Node Transition Starts or stops a cluster node.
Get Node Transition Progress Gets the progress of an operation started using StartNodeTransition.
Get Fault Operation List Gets a list of user-induced fault operations filtered by provided input.
Cancel Operation Cancels a user-induced fault operation.