Describes a stateless service type defined in the service manifest of a provisioned application type.


Name Type Required
Kind string Yes
IsStateful boolean No
ServiceTypeName string No
PlacementConstraints string No
LoadMetrics array of ServiceLoadMetricDescription No
ServicePlacementPolicies array of ServicePlacementPolicyDescription No
Extensions array of ServiceTypeExtensionDescription No
UseImplicitHost boolean No


Type: string
Required: Yes

A discriminator property. Its value must be 'Stateless' for objects of type 'StatelessServiceTypeDescription'.


Type: boolean
Required: No

Indicates whether the service type is a stateful service type or a stateless service type. This property is true if the service type is a stateful service type, false otherwise.


Type: string
Required: No

Name of the service type as specified in the service manifest.


Type: string
Required: No

The placement constraint to be used when instantiating this service in a Service Fabric cluster.


Type: array of ServiceLoadMetricDescription
Required: No

The service load metrics is given as an array of ServiceLoadMetricDescription objects.


Type: array of ServicePlacementPolicyDescription
Required: No

List of service placement policy descriptions.


Type: array of ServiceTypeExtensionDescription
Required: No

List of service type extensions.


Type: boolean
Required: No

A flag indicating if this type is not implemented and hosted by a user service process, but is implicitly hosted by a system created process. This value is true for services using the guest executable services, false otherwise.