Parameters for updating a cluster upgrade.


Name Type Required
UpgradeKind string (enum) No
UpdateDescription RollingUpgradeUpdateDescription No
ClusterHealthPolicy ClusterHealthPolicy No
EnableDeltaHealthEvaluation boolean No
ClusterUpgradeHealthPolicy ClusterUpgradeHealthPolicyObject No
ApplicationHealthPolicyMap ApplicationHealthPolicies No


Type: string (enum)
Required: No
Default: Rolling

The type of upgrade out of the following possible values.

Possible values are:

  • Invalid - Indicates the upgrade kind is invalid. All Service Fabric enumerations have the invalid type. The value is zero.
  • Rolling - The upgrade progresses one upgrade domain at a time. The value is 1.
  • Rolling_ForceRestart - The upgrade gets restarted by force. The value is 2.


Type: RollingUpgradeUpdateDescription
Required: No

Describes the parameters for updating a rolling upgrade of application or cluster.


Type: ClusterHealthPolicy
Required: No

Defines a health policy used to evaluate the health of the cluster or of a cluster node.


Type: boolean
Required: No

When true, enables delta health evaluation rather than absolute health evaluation after completion of each upgrade domain.


Type: ClusterUpgradeHealthPolicyObject
Required: No

Defines a health policy used to evaluate the health of the cluster during a cluster upgrade.


Type: ApplicationHealthPolicies
Required: No

Defines the application health policy map used to evaluate the health of an application or one of its children entities.