Represents the health state of a node, which contains the node identifier and its aggregated health state.


Name Type Required
AggregatedHealthState string (enum) No
Name string No
Id NodeId No


Type: string (enum)
Required: No

The health state of a Service Fabric entity such as Cluster, Node, Application, Service, Partition, Replica etc.

Possible values are:

  • Invalid - Indicates an invalid health state. All Service Fabric enumerations have the invalid type. The value is zero.
  • Ok - Indicates the health state is okay. The value is 1.
  • Warning - Indicates the health state is at a warning level. The value is 2.
  • Error - Indicates the health state is at an error level. Error health state should be investigated, as they can impact the correct functionality of the cluster. The value is 3.
  • Unknown - Indicates an unknown health status. The value is 65535.


Type: string
Required: No

The name of a Service Fabric node.


Type: NodeId
Required: No

An internal ID used by Service Fabric to uniquely identify a node. Node Id is deterministically generated from node name.