Azure SQL Database REST API

The Azure SQL Database REST API includes operations for managing Azure SQL Database servers, databases, elastic database pools, elastic databases, server firewall rules, and failover groups.

REST Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
Databases Create, get, update, and delete SQL databases, data warehouses, restore points, service tier advisors, and transparent data encryption configuration.
Servers Create, get, update, or list information about an Azure SQL server.
Server Firewall Rules Create, get, update, delete, or list firewall rules.
Elastic Pools Create, get, update, or delete elastic pools.
Recommended Elastic Pools Get and list information about Azure SQL recommended pools and Azure SQL databases inside pools.
Database Replication Links Get, list, delete, and failover a replication link.
Failover Groups Create, get, update, list, delete, and failover a failover group.

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