Version 2014-02-14

Version 2014-02-14 includes these changes:

  • With the new Microsoft Azure File service, virtual machines (VMs) running in a Microsoft Azure datacenter can mount a shared file system using the SMB protocol and access the file system using standard Windows file APIs. Multiple VMs (or roles running in a cloud service) can attach to these file systems concurrently, so that you can share persistent data easily between various roles and instances. The File service REST API is similar to the Blob service API, and offers another means of accessing files in addition to the Windows file APIs. See File Service REST API for more information.

  • Shared access signatures now support the api-version parameter, in addition to the SignedVersion (sv) parameter. These parameters provide control over which version of the storage services is used to authorize and authorize a request, and which version is used to execute the API operation.

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