Using the Azure Import-Export Service REST API

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The Microsoft Azure Import/Export Service exposes a REST API to enable programmatic control of import/export jobs. You can use the REST API to perform all of the import/export operations that you can perform with the Azure classic portal. Additionally, you can use the REST API to perform certain granular operations, such as querying the percentage completion of a job, which are not currently available in the classic portal.

See Using the Microsoft Azure Import/Export Service to Transfer Data to Blob Storage for an overview of the Import/Export service and a tutorial that demonstrates how to use the classic portal to create and manage import and export jobs.

Service Endpoints and Authentication

The Azure Import/Export service provides a set of REST APIs at the following HTTPS endpoint for communicating between a client and the service. Note that <subscription-id> is your subscription ID, available in the Azure classic portal:<subscription-id>/services/importexport/

To protect the security of customers’ data, the service endpoint is exposed only via HTTPS, not via HTTP, and anonymous requests are not allowed.

The Import/Export service is a Microsoft Azure service and uses the Azure Service Management authentication scheme. See Authenticating Service Management Requests for details on how to authenticate requests.


Requests to the Import/Export service must conform to the versioning guidelines described in Service Management Versioning. All requests must specify the x-ms-version header and set its value to 2014-05-01or 2014-11-01.

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Creating an Import Job

Creating an Export Job

Retrieving State Information for a Job

Enumerating Jobs

Cancelling and Deleting Jobs

Backing Up Drive Manifests

Diagnostics and Error Recovery for Import-Export Jobs

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