Storage Analytics and Billing

This topic discusses the cost of Storage Analytics and how to use metrics and logging data to understand your storage services bill.

Cost of Storage Analytics

All metrics data is written by the services of a storage account. As a result, each write operation performed by Storage Analytics is billable. Additionally, the amount of storage used by metrics data is also billable.

The following actions performed by Storage Analytics are billable:

  • Requests to create blobs for logging

  • Requests to create table entities for metrics

If you have configured a data retention policy, you are not charged for delete transactions when Storage Analytics deletes old logging and metrics data. However, delete transactions from a client are billable. For more information about retention policies, see Setting a Storage Analytics Data Retention Policy.

Understanding Billable Requests

Every request made to an account’s storage service is either billable or non-billable. Storage Analytics logs each individual request made to a service, including a status message that indicates how the request was handled. Similarly, Storage Analytics stores metrics for both a service and the API operations of that service, including the percentages and count of certain status messages. Together, these features can help you analyze your billable requests, make improvements on your application, and diagnose issues with requests to your services. For more information about billing, see Understanding Azure Storage Billing - Bandwidth, Transactions, and Capacity.

When looking at Storage Analytics data, you can use the tables in the Storage Analytics Logged Operations and Status Messages topic to determine what requests are billable. Then you can compare your logs and metrics data to the status messages to see if you were charged for a particular request. You can also use the tables in the above topic to investigate availability for a storage service or individual API operation.

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