Table Service Error Codes

The error codes listed in the following table may be returned by an operation on the Table service.

Error code HTTP status code User message
DuplicatePropertiesSpecified Bad Request (400) A property is specified more than one time.
EntityNotFound Not Found (404) The specified entity does not exist.
EntityAlreadyExists Conflict (409) The specified entity already exists.
EntityTooLarge Bad Request (400) The entity is larger than the maximum size permitted.
HostInformationNotPresent Bad Request (400) The required host information is not present in the request. You must send a non-empty Host header or include the absolute URI in the request line.
InvalidValueType Bad Request (400) The value specified is invalid.
JsonFormatNotSupported Unsupported Media Type (415) JSON format is not supported.
MethodNotAllowed Method Not Allowed (405) The requested method is not allowed on the specified resource.
NotImplemented Not Implemented (501) The requested operation is not implemented on the specified resource.
PropertiesNeedValue Bad Request (400) Values have not been specified for all properties in the entity.
PropertyNameInvalid Bad Request (400) The property name is invalid.
PropertyNameTooLong Bad Request (400) The property name exceeds the maximum allowed length.
PropertyValueTooLarge Bad Request (400) The property value is larger than the maximum size permitted.
TableAlreadyExists Conflict (409) The table specified already exists.
TableBeingDeleted Conflict (409) The specified table is being deleted.
TableNotFound Not Found (404) The table specified does not exist.
TooManyProperties Bad Request (400) The entity contains more properties than allowed.
UpdateConditionNotSatisfied Precondition Failed (412) The update condition specified in the request was not satisfied.
XMethodIncorrectCount Bad Request (400) More than one X-HTTP-Method is specified.
XMethodIncorrectValue Bad Request (400) The specified X-HTTP-Method is invalid.
XMethodNotUsingPost Bad Request (400) The request uses X-HTTP-Method with an HTTP verb other than POST.

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