Version 2017-07-29

The 2017-07-29 service version includes the following features.

  • This version introduces the preview of the Soft Delete feature. This feature causes blob deletes and overwrites to retain the deleted or overwritten data for some time. You can enable and configure the soft delete feature using Set Blob Service Properties.
  • A new Undelete Blob API allows you to recover deleted data that was retained using the Soft Delete feature.
  • The List Blobs API now accepts a new include parameter, deleted, which shows soft-deleted blobs and snapshots.
  • All error responses have an additional response header x-ms-error-code that contains the error code string. See Status and Error Codes.
  • For the Queue service, the Put Message API now allows a time-to-live value in the messagettl parameter of over seven days. You may also specify -1 for this parameter to indicate that the message should remain in the queue until dequeued and deleted. The default value for this parameter is still seven days.
  • When using Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens, the delete permissions (d) will now grant permission to break leases on blobs and containers. This change only affects the SAS permissions specified in the sp parameter. Other SAS requirements are unchanged.
  • For Premium Storage, a lease condition is now supported on the Set Blob Tier API.