HealthVault REST APIs Overview

HealthVault offers a REST API for a select set of scenarios. If your scenario is not covered in the documentation below, you may need to use the HealthVault XML API and an appropriate SDK.


The HealthVault REST API offers a number of resources tailored for partners building remote monitoring solutions. This includes:

  • Onboarding - Invite patients to join onboard into your Action Plans
  • Action Plans - Administrate Action Plans for onboarded patients and monitor adherence
  • Goals - Set health goals for onboarded patients
  • Task Tracking - Track tasks described in Action Plans

API Versions

HealthVault requires that clients specify the version of the REST API that they are retrieving using the x-ms-version header. For example:

Request Headers:
x-ms-version: 1.0-rc

API Versions


API versions marked -preview or -rc indicate preview versions of the API. Breaking changes may occur on preview versions of the API.