RMS for individuals and Azure Rights Management

Carol Bailey

Applies to: Azure Rights Management

RMS for individuals is a free self-service subscription for users in an organization who have been sent sensitive files that have been protected by Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS), but these users cannot be authenticated because their IT department does not manage an account for them in Azure. For example, the IT department doesn't have Office 365 or use Azure services.

These users can sign up for a free work or school account to use with Azure RMS, and download and install the Rights Management sharing application. As a result, these users can now authenticate to prove that they are the person that the protected files were sent to, and then read the protected files on computers or mobile devices.

Using the Rights Management sharing application on Windows computers, these users can also protect files in place or send protected files by email to people inside or outside their organization. If the recipients of the email that they send are in an organization that also doesn't manage user accounts in Azure, they too can sign up for an RMS for individuals account to read the protected email attachment.


This free subscription ensures that authorized people can always read files that have been protected. Currently, you can also use this free subscription to protect documents and create new protected email messages, but the ability to author new protected content is intended for trial use only and might be removed in the future. For more information and any changes to using RMS for individuals to protect content, see the Microsoft Rights Management Terms of Service.

For more information about how you can protect files by using the free Rights Management sharing application, see the Rights Management sharing application guide for users.

RMS for individuals is an example of a self-service signup that is supported by Azure Active Directory. For more information about how this works, see What is Self-Service Signup for Azure? in the Azure Active Directory documentation.

Next steps

See How users sign up for RMS for individuals, for step-by-step instructions and a technical overview of what's happening in the background.