Migrating an application from using ADAL.NET to using MSAL.NET

This sample gathers Visual Studio solutions illustrating the migration of Azure AD v1.0 applications (using ADAL.NET) to Azure AD v2.0 applications, also named converged applications (using MSAL.NET).


This repository contains the following solutions:

Solution Description
Token Cache Migration Shows the token cache customization for .NET desktop applications to share the Single Sign On (SSO) state between, ADAL.NET V3.x applications, ADAL.NET V4.x applications, and MSAL.NET 2.x applications.
ConfidentialClientTokenCache Shows the token cache customization for ASP.NET web applications.

Getting Started

Clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/Azure-Samples/active-directory-dotnet-v1-to-v2
cd active-directory-dotnet-v1-to-v2

Then go to each sub folder to see a particular aspect of the migration