AKS Voting App sample

This repo provides the source code and scenario artefacts for the AKS Voting App sample used in the AKS documentation.

Supported scenarios

Intelligent routing and canary releases with Istio

The scenario artefacts are location in the scenarios\intelligent-routing-with-istio folder. The scenario can be followed in the AKS Intelligent routing and canary releases with Istio documentation.

Docker images

The AKS Voting App components are built from the source located in the src folder. These are published as the following images:

  • mcr.microsoft.com/aks/samples/voting/app:1.0
  • mcr.microsoft.com/aks/samples/voting/app:2.0
  • mcr.microsoft.com/aks/samples/voting/analytics:1.0
  • mcr.microsoft.com/aks/samples/voting/analytics:1.1
  • mcr.microsoft.com/aks/samples/voting/analytics:2.0
  • mcr.microsoft.com/aks/samples/voting/storage:2.0


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This replaces all previous versions of the Azure Voting App sample to provide a single configurable sample that supports multiple scenarios: