Azure Information Protection Samples

Azure Information Protection samples for rights-enabling your applications and services.

For more information about Microsoft Rights Management services go to here.

How To Run These Samples

To run these samples you will need:

About The Code

You can find a different sample in each directory:


This is a sample to demonstrate on how to create protected text files using Azure Information Proction


This sample demonstrate how to use Azure Information Protection SDK in Azure application to protect data in Azure Blob Storage.


This sample demonstrates how to use Azure Information Protection File API to protect and unprotect files in a DLP solution.


This Azure Information Protection managed interop sample is a set of sample utility classes that enable you to use the AD RMS SDK 2.1 from C# code.


This Windows application tool can give information about any Azure Information Protection protected file (such as content-id, user rights, etc).


This sample demonstrates how to build a Windows application that watches directories in the file system and applies Azure Infomration Protection protection policies on every change (e.g. file added, file modified, etc).


This sample demonstrates a bulk operation of file protection at the directory level.


This is a Client form based application that uses ADAL to encrypt a file


This is a service application that allows you protect files using either Azure Information Protection or ADRMS (on-premises)