Create a Knowledge Store using REST - Postman

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This Postman collection uses the Azure Search REST APIs to create the resources associated with a knowledge store: a data source, a skillset, an index, and an indexer. Requests are provided in the V2 collection format, which you can import and then modify for connections to your Azure Search service.

The knowledge store and index configuration are based on the source document being structured like the CSV file HotelReviews-Free.csv. This is discussed in the tutorial Create an Azure Search knowledge store using REST.

The purpose of this sample is to demonstrate how, if you have an existing document store such as the hotel reviews CSV file, you can create a knowledge store by first creating the index, datasource, skillset, and indexer.


File/folder Description
KnowledgeStore.postman_collection.json Import into Postman Guidelines for contributing to the sample. This README file. The license for the sample.



  1. Clone or download this sample repository.
  2. Extract contents if the download is a zip file. Make sure the files are read-write.

Running tutorial

  1. Put HotelReviews-Free.csv in Azure Blob Storage. This is discussed in the tutorial Create an Azure Search knowledge store using REST.
  2. Start Postman and import KnowledgeStore.postman_collection.json
  3. In the collection, open the Edit dialog and the Variables tab
  4. Set admin-key. You'll find the value for admin-key in the Search Service's Keys tab.
  5. Set search-service-name and storage-account-name. These must be set to the name of your search service and the name of the storage account at which you've stored the source document .
  6. Set storage-connection-string to the value in the Storage Account's Access Keys tab.
  7. Send each request to the service.

Next steps

You can learn more about Azure Search on the official documentation site.