Azure Communication Services Demo with Contoso Med App

This is a sample application showing how quickly and easily it is to add the Azure Communication Services to a Telemedicine application using the Azure Communications Javascript SDK and some other Azure services on a react app Contoso Med App with a backend service ACS Node built using Node.js and Express.js that helps the client-side application connect to Azure.

Application Architecture

Application Architecture


Azure Communication Service specific features

  • SMS service on appointment booking.
  • Chat service
    • Chat between Patient and QnA Bot.
    • Add doctor to the patient - bot conversation
    • Chat between Patient and Doctor.
  • Calling between Patient and Doctor.

General features

  • User authentication.
  • View doctors and book appointments.
  • Chat with QnA bot to book appointment or start a support consultation.

Critical sequences


  Login Sequence  

Booking Appointment

  Booking Appointment Sequence  

Chatting and Calling via Azure Communication Service

  Chat and Call Sequence  

Set Up

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