Azure Stack resource sample for managing resource groups.

  • Create a resource group
  • Update a resource group
  • Create another resource group
  • List resource groups
  • Delete a resource group

Running this sample

To run this sample:

  1. Clone the repository using the following command:

    git clone https://github.com/Azure-Samples/hybrid-resources-dotnet-manage-resource-group.git

  2. Create an Azure service principal and assign a role to access the subscription. For instructions on creating a service principal in Azure Stack, see Use Azure PowerShell to create a service principal with a certificate.

  3. Set the following required environment variable values:







  4. Change directory to sample:

    • cd hybrid-resources-dotnet-manage-resource-group
  5. Run the sample:

    dotnet restore

    dotnet run

More information

Azure .Net Developer Center

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