Media Services: Share Plugin for Azure Media Player

##Information Attributions:

#Introduction This is an AMP plugin that enables the video viewer to share your content across multiple social networks. A "share" button has been added to the control bar and onclick, opens an overlayed share menu

Getting Started

Include the plugin CSS/javascriptafter the AMP script in the <head> of your html page:

<link href="amp-share.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="amp-share.js"></script>

See example.html for how to enable the plugin


Options are set up directly before plugin initialization (see comments in example.html)

The currently supported options are: Facebook status update, Twitter, Linkedin, and Email included like so:
var shareOption = new Amp.Plugin.Share.ShareOptions; shareOption.socialShare.shareIcons.push(Amp.Plugin.Share.SocialShareIcon.getPredefinedShareIcon(0 /* Facebook */)); shareOption.socialShare.shareIcons.push(Amp.Plugin.Share.SocialShareIcon.getPredefinedShareIcon(1 /* Twitter */)); shareOption.socialShare.shareIcons.push(Amp.Plugin.Share.SocialShareIcon.getPredefinedShareIcon(2 /* LinkedIn */)); shareOption.socialShare.shareIcons.push(Amp.Plugin.Share.SocialShareIcon.getPredefinedShareIcon(3 /* Mail */));

Feel free to include them all (or just some) or write your own.