Azure CLI NetAppFiles module NFSv3/NFS4.1 Sample

This project demonstrates how to deploy NFSv3/NFSv4.1 protocol type volume using Azure CLI NetAppFiles module.

In this sample application we perform the following operations:

  • Creation

    • Azure NetAppFiles Account
    • Capacity pool
    • NFS v4.1 Volume
  • Deletion, the clean up process takes place (not enabled by default, please set the parameter SHOULD_CLEANUP to true if you want the clean up code to take a place),deleting all resources in the reverse order following the hierarchy otherwise we can't remove resources that have nested resources still live.

If you don't already have a Microsoft Azure subscription, you can get a FREE trial account here.


  1. Azure Subscription
  2. Subscription needs to be enabled for Azure NetApp Files. For more information, please refer to this document.
  3. Resource Group created.
  4. Virtual Network with a delegated subnet to Microsoft.Netapp/volumes resource. For more information, please refer to Guidelines for Azure NetApp Files network planning
  5. Make sure Azure CLI is installed.
  6. Windows with WSL enabled (Windows Subsystem for Linux) or Linux to run the script. This was developed/tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (bash version 4.4.20).
  7. Make sure jq package is installed before executing this script.

How the project is structured

The following table describes all files within this solution:

Folder FileName Description
src Authenticates and executes all operations

How to run the CLI script

  1. Clone it locally

    git clone
  2. Open a bash session and execute the following Run the script

    • Change folder to *netappfiles-cli-nfs-sample\src*
    • Open and edit all the parameters
    • Save and close
    • Run the following command

    Sample output e2e execution