Serverless Pre-Day Workshop

Best For You Organics Company (BFYOC) is an ice cream company with over 200 stores worldwide. BFYOC has focused on fresh ingredients, locally sourced, and seasonal. Their 26 flavors range from the ordinary vanilla, to the ever popular avocado toast (which is a much better flavor than it sounds). They are now creating a new line of fruit flavored ice creams and are preparing to launch onto the market.

Because premium ingredients is key to their success, their profit margins are relatively low, as they try to keep prices affordable for consumers. As such, every sale needs to be optimized, and every customer needs to leave happy. They also need to cut costs whenever possible, which of course impacts their budget for new technology.

BFYOC would like to launch a new customer feedback tool to analyze their sales and customer satisfaction levels. Because feedback posts from customers will be sporadic, they are looking for options that can automatically scale, and minimize investment in infrastructure.

In addition, they would like to streamline their inventory and ordering process to reduce costs and product waste. They want to be able to notify distributors of new ice creams, and automate the processing of new orders based on inventory.