Azure Form Recognizer client library samples for Java

Azure Form Recognizer samples are a set of self-contained Java programs that demonstrate interacting with Azure Form Recognizer service using the client library. Each sample focuses on a specific scenario and can be executed independently.

Key concepts

Key concepts are explained in detail here.

Getting started

Getting started explained in detail here.


The following sections provide code samples covering common scenario operations with the Azure Form Recognizer client library.

All of these samples need the endpoint to your Form Recognizer resource (instructions on how to get endpoint), and your Form Recognizer API key (instructions on how to get key).

File Name Description
Authentication Authenticate the client
RecognizeContent and RecognizeContentFromUrlAsync Recognize text and table structures of a document
RecognizeIdentityDocuments and RecognizeIdentityDocumentsAsync Recognize data from an identity document like a passport or a US drivers license using a prebuilt model
RecognizeIdentityDocumentsFromUrl and RecognizeIdentityDocumentsFromUrlAsync Recognize data from a URL of a passport or a US drivers license using a prebuilt model
RecognizeReceipts and RecognizeReceiptsAsync Recognize data from a file of a US sales receipt using a prebuilt model
RecognizeReceiptsFromUrl and RecognizeReceiptsFromUrlAsync Recognize data from a URL of a US sales receipt using a prebuilt model
RecognizeCustomFormsFromUrl and RecognizeCustomFormsAsync Recognize forms with your custom model
TrainLabeledModel and TrainLabeledModelAsync Train a custom model with labeled data
TrainUnlabeledModel and TrainUnlabeledModelAsync Train a custom model with unlabeled data
ManageCustomModels and ManageCustomModelsAsync Manage the custom models in your account
CopyModel and CopyModelAsync Copy custom model from one Form Recognizer resource to another
CreateComposedModel and CreateComposedModelAsync Creates a composed model from a collection of existing trained models with labels


Troubleshooting steps can be found here.

Next steps

Check out the API reference documentation to learn more about what you can do with the Azure Form Recognizer client library. Following section provides code samples for some advanced scenarios in Form Recognizer Client library:

Advanced Sample File Name Description
StronglyTypedRecognizedForm Use the fields in your recognized forms to create a receipt object with strongly-typed US receipt fields
GetBoundingBoxes and GetBoundingBoxesAsync Get info to visualize the outlines of form content and fields, which can be used for manual validation
AdvancedDiffCustomFormsLabeledUnlabeledData and AdvancedDiffCustomFormsLabeledUnlabeledDataAsync See the differences in output when using a custom model trained with labeled data and one trained with unlabeled data


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