Azure Key Vault Secret Samples client library for Java

This document explains samples and how to use them.

Key concepts

Key concepts are explained in detail here.

Getting started

Getting started explained in detail here.


Following section document various examples.

Hello World Samples

List Operations Samples

Backup And Restore Operations Samples

Managing Deleted Secrets Samples:



Key Vault clients raise exceptions. For example, if you try to retrieve a secret after it is deleted a 404 error is returned, indicating resource not found. In the following snippet, the error is handled gracefully by catching the exception and displaying additional information about the error.

try {
} catch (ResourceNotFoundException e) {

Next steps

Start using KeyVault Java SDK in your solutions. Our SDK details could be found at SDK README.

Additional Documentation

For more extensive documentation on Azure Key Vault, see the API reference documentation.


This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. Find more contributing details here.