Explore C# 7.0 - 7.3

dotnet try Enabled

This exploration enables you to experiment with the features that have been released in C# 7.0, and the following point releases through C# 7.3. You can try the code in the samples, modify it, and see the effects of using the new features in a variety of scenarios. Some of the features added in the point releases are enhancements and improvements to features first available in C# 7.0. This exploration is organized around the themes across all the C# 7.x features, rather than by release. As you explore each area, enhancements that are available in later point releases are noted.

What's new in C# 7.0 thru C# 7.3 - exploration

To run these samples, you'll need to follow the instructions on hte dotnet/try-samples repository to install the global dotnet try tool in your .NET environment.

Once you've installed the global tool, running dotnet try loads the samples into a browser. The browser pages introduce important programming concepts through interactive exercises you run in your browser.

If you loaded this page from dotnet try, click here to start the sample. (This link will not work in the samples browser).