Direct3D 12 execute indirect sample

ExecuteIndirect GUI

This sample demonstrates how to generate dynamic GPU workloads using the graphics command list's ID3D12GraphicsCommandList::ExecuteIndirect API. In this sample, a large number of triangles animate across the screen, and a compute shader is used to determine which triangles are visible. The draw calls for those triangles are then aggregated into a buffer that is processed by the ExecuteIndirect API so that only those triangles are processed by the graphics pipeline.


SPACE bar - toggles the compute shader on and off.

Optional features

This sample has been updated to build against the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK. In this SDK a new revision of Root Signatures is available for Direct3D 12 apps to use. Root Signature 1.1 allows for apps to declare when descriptors in a descriptor heap won't change or the data descriptors point to won't change. This allows the option for drivers to make optimizations that might be possible knowing that something (like a descriptor or the memory it points to) is static for some period of time.