HoloLens 2 Example App


Supported Unreal versions Supported device
Unreal Engine 4.26+ HoloLens 2

Spawn Paragon minions on the surface of your world and store their locations with persistent anchors. This is a simple HoloLens 2 app built with Unreal Engine 4.26 that demonstrates:

  • Basic articulated hand tracking-based interactions in the form of fingertip cursor and pushable buttons
  • Spatial mapping and collision understanding
  • Launching, saving and loading persistent anchors in the world


File/folder Description
Config HoloLens and default configuration files.
Content Project files and assets.
Source Source and build files.
.gitignore Define what to ignore at commit time.
HoloLens2Example.uproject Unreal Engine project file.
README.md This README file.




  1. Clone or download this sample repository

Running the sample

  1. Press the Spawn button to bring up the launch pin.
  • The launch pin is steered by head gaze, aiming at a horizontal planar surface will allow you to airtap to place a character anchor.
  1. Pressing Save Pins will store the anchors to the device.
  2. Pressing Clear Pins will delete the anchor information stored on device (but will not remove current live anchors).
  3. If the app is closed and/or reset, pressing Load Pins will restore the saved characters and anchors.

On the Emulator

You can also use key presses to trigger the buttons. Make sure you uncheck Use keyboard for simulation in the simulation control panel first. Press 1 for Spawn, 2 for Save Pins, 3 for Clear Pins, and 4 for Load Pins.