Quantum teleportation sample

This sample demonstrates how to use Q# and the Azure Quantum service together to teleport quantum data within a device.

This sample is implemented as a standalone executable, such that no C# or Python host is needed.

Running the sample on a local simulator

dotnet run -- --simulator QuantumSimulator --prep-basis PauliX --meas-basis PauliX

Running the sample on the Azure Quantum service

Make sure that you have created and selected a quantum workspace, and then run the following at the command line, substituting TARGET with the target that you would like to run against (e.g.: quantinuum.hqs-lt).

az quantum execute --target-id TARGET -- --prep-basis PauliX --meas-basis PauliX

⚠ NOTE: In order to run this sample, the target must support comparing measurement results.

For a full list of available QIO and quantum computing targets, run:

az quantum target list --output table