The Video Experience

South Ridge Video is an open source video app developed as a hosted web application built with React.js, and hosted on a web server. South Ridge can easily be converted to a UWP application that takes advantage of native platform capabilities and can be distributed through the Windows Store as any other UWP app.


Features: Hosted Web App Controller support Media Transport Controls Integration


The app is hosted at for this example but you can deploy it yourself to any backend you choose. Once the app is hosted, all you need is the url to create app packages.

  1. Use manifoldJS from the command line on any platform npm is supported, or through the web. In this example, we are using the npm generator from the command line.

install manifoldjs

npm install -g manifoldjs

generate package

  1. To deploy the package to the Xbox, first make sure your Xbox is in Dev Mode. You can then use the Windows Device Portal (WDP) through a web browser to configure and manage the Xbox. Follow these steps to enable WDP on your Xbox. Launch WDP in your favourite browser and navigate to the Apps tab.

  2. Under the Install app section, click on Browse next to pick a loose folder

  3. Navigate to the windows10 folder from the packages you generated with manifoldJS and select the manifest folder

  4. Click the Go button to upload the loose files and install the app. Once this is complete, you will be able to find and launch the app on your Xbox

  5. Enjoy!

Next Steps

- Read the blog post

- Download the source by clicking on Clone or download above

- View the one minute dev video