Driver Device Transform Sample

Illustrative example for a Driver Device Transform which loads in a process streaming an Avstream based camera device using Media Foundation.

A Driver Device Transform is a new kind of a transform that's used with a specific camera when capturing video. The Driver Device Transform is also known as DeviceMFT because it is the first Device Transform applied to the video source. This Driver Device Transform is an alternative to the Driver MFT, for example, MFT0 in that it caters to the source rather than the streams. An N stream source supporting DeviceMFT will have a single instance of the Device Driver Transform loaded, while MFT0 will have N instances for each pipeline process. The DeviceMFT can advertise multiple streams at the output, which can differ from the number of streams advertised by the source. This is analogous to having a user mode driver in the MF pipeline which intercepts and processes commands before they enter/ leave the Kernel mode driver loaded for the streaming source.

In this sample, the Device Transform, when enabled, will replicate a photo sequence in the user mode from a one pin device. It acts as a passthrough for sources exposing more than one pins.

This sample is designed to be used with a specific camera. To run the sample, you need the your camera's device ID and device metadata package.


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