LSI\_U3 StorPort Miniport Driver

The LSI_U3 sample is an adapter driver for use with Parallel SCSI Host Bus Adapters or on-motherboard solutions that use the LSI 53C1010 SCSI ASIC.

These sources are presented for your education and use with these generally available LSI SCSI-class adapters. The intended use of this sample driver is for this purpose only.

Universal Windows Driver Compliant

This sample builds a Universal Windows Driver. It uses only APIs and DDIs that are included in OneCoreUAP.

Installation and Operation

The operation of this sample requires one of the following hardware items:

  • Parallel SCSI Host Bus Adapter

  • On-motherboard solution that uses the LSI 53C1010 SCSI ASIC

For more information, see Storport Miniport Drivers in the storage technologies design guide.