Shell Launcher V2 configuration xml samples

See more information at ShellLauncher node on Assigned Access CSP

  • ShellLauncherAutoLogonUwp.xml, this sample shows how to create an auto-logon account using Shell Launcher V2, and assign an UWP app for this account as shell
  • ShellLauncherAzureADMultiUser.xml, this sample shows how to configure multiple AzureAD accounts to different shell
  • ShellLauncherDefaultOnlyUwp.xml, this sample shows how to configure only one default profile for everyone, with empty Configs. Everyone would log into the same UWP Shell app
  • ShellLauncherSid.xml, this sample shows how to configure a SID for Shell Launcher. The SID can be either user sid, or local group sid, or AD group sid
  • ShellLauncherConfiguration_Demo.syncml, this sample shows what the SyncML file would look like, when using ShellLauncherV2 and Assigned Access CSP. This is the payload when MDM server sends the configuration to client.

Xml Namespace

In order to invoke Shell Launcher V2, instead of legacy Shell Launcher (which uses eshell.exe), you must specify the v2 namespace in the xml.

  • When you want to use an UWP app as shell, use the v2 attribute AppType (v2:AppType="UWP")
  • The V2 namespace also provides a new switch to force all windows full screen, V2:AllAppsFullScreen="true"

For the complete XSD, please refer to the CSP link above

How to get group sid

To get local group sid, replace Guests to the group you need

PS C:\Users\test> $group = Get-LocalGroup -Name Guests
PS C:\Users\test> $group.SID

BinaryLength AccountDomainSid Value
------------ ---------------- -----
          16                  S-1-5-32-546

To get AD group sid, replace MyADGroup to the group you need, take the Value part

PS C:\Users\test> $AdGroup = New-Object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount("MyADGroup")
PS C:\Users\test> $AdGroupSid = $AdGroup.Translate([System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier])
PS C:\Users\test> $AdGroupSid

BinaryLength AccountDomainSid                          Value
------------ ----------------                          -----
          28 S-1-5-21-2127521184-1604012920-1887927527 S-1-5-21-2127521184-1604012920-1887927527-32599559