Official Microsoft Sample

The repository contains a script and files to complete exercises in the MS Learn module Extend your on-premises file share capacity by using Azure File Sync.


File/folder Description
resources/ Folder contains the script create-bad-file.js and three sample data files.
.gitignore Define what to ignore at commit time. Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. This README file.
LICENSE The license for the sample. Security statement for sample.


Use on Windows Server operating system.


On the Windows Server you plan to use with Azure File Sync, download the CAD folder with curl. The steps to use the files in the folder are included in the module's exercise units.

Running the sample

  1. Download this sample CAD file with curl.

    curl -L -o
  2. Expand the zip file.
  3. In the File Explorer window, select Compressed Folder Tools, then select Extract all and Extract.

After you set up and register your Windows Server with Azure File Sync, use create-bad-file.js to create a file that won't sync.

  1. Go to the CADFolder in both windows.
  2. Open create-bad-file.js on the left.
  3. See that a new file named, invalid╘«nameÉ.txt has been created.
  4. This file won't replicate into the Azure file share.


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