Microsoft Graph Security API

Welcome to the Microsoft Graph Security repository! This repository is a starting point for all Graph Security application developers to share content and sample code in different languages for Graph Security application integration scenarios. You can also file issues faced during integration with the Microsoft Graph Security API.

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Recognition Program

We encourage contributions to this repository. Contributions to this repository will be recognized as follows:

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  • If you have questions on application or service or product integrations wih the Microsoft Graph Security API, reach out to the Using Microsoft Security Graph API tech community
  • If you find bugs in the current samples or documentation requests or bugs file issues in the respective sample repository.
  • If you have new sample requests or issues that is not scoped to a single sample, file issues in this repository.
  • Assign issues in this and other repos to yourself for fixing in the samples as necessary or contribute to new samples.
  • Follow discussions on Stack Overflow [tag: microsoft-graph-security].



This repository is licensed with the MIT license.