Microsoft Translator Go samples (v3)

This repository includes Go code samples for Microsoft Translator. Each sample corresponds to a Quickstart activity on, including:

  • Translating text
  • Transliterating text
  • Identifying the language of source text
  • Getting alternate translations
  • Getting a complete list of supported languages
  • Determining sentence length

Get started with the Translator quickstart.


Code samples

The code in this repository contains examples for all of the Microsoft Text Translator V3 API methods. Each file demonstrates a single method. To try out a method:

  1. Create a new Go project in your favorite code editor.
  2. Add the code provided below.
  3. Replace the subscriptionKey value with an access key valid for your subscription.
  4. Save the file with a '.go' extension.
  5. Open a command prompt on a computer with Go installed.
  6. Build the file, for example: 'go build example-code.go'.
  7. Run the file, for example: 'example-code'.

Translator v3 API Reference