Fabric SharePoint Add-in Template

Provider-hosted SharePoint add-in template using Office UI Fabric styles. You can use this sample template as a starter project to build your SharePoint add-ins with Fabric styles. The project uses both Office UI Fabric styles and components, namely the NavBar and Button components.

SharePoint add-in using Office UI Fabric

How to Run this Sample

To run this sample, you need:

  1. Visual Studio 2015
  2. Office 365 Developer Subscription

Step 1: Clone or download this repository

From your Git Shell or command line:

git clone https://github.com/OfficeDev/FabricSharePointAddin-Template.git

Step 2: Build the Project

  1. Open the project in Visual Studio 2015
  2. Simply Build the project to restore NuGet packages
  3. In the Solution Explorer, click on FabricSharePointAddin.SharePoint project
  4. In the Properties Window, scroll to reveal the Site URL property and enter your SharePoint developer site URL

Step 3: Build and Debug your web application

Now you are ready for a test run. Hit F5 to test your add-in.

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