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With the Office App source code project, you could learn from real app source codes how to develop apps for Office and apps for SharePoint. All the code examples in this projects are from published real apps in Office Store (
You could go to the Office Store to download the apps and then try the products in our repository (go to different branches). You are welcome to download the source codes and add new features on them.

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Apps for Office/SharePoint Introduction

Apps for Office are web applications that extend what a document, email message, or meeting request can do in Office.
Run them in multiple environments like Office desktop applications, Office 365, and mobile browsers in the cloud or on your site.
Apps for SharePoint are small, easy-to-use, stand-alone applications that solve a need for your users or business. Site owners can install, upgrade, and uninstall them on their SharePoint sites without farm or site collection admin permissions.

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