Xamarin.iOS - Xamarin.iOS Binding Sample

This example shows how we can utilize an existing Objective-C library and expose it for use in a Xamarin.iOS project. For instance, you may have existing code written in Objective-C that you may want to bind to C# to consume in your Xamarin.iOS project. This sample provides a basic template/overview of the steps involved, including:

  • Creating a "fat" or multi-architecture library that can be target both the iOS simulator and device.
  • Defining an API definition file in the form of a C# interface against the Objective-C API.
  • Building a *.dll that contains both the binding and and the embedded native library.

Understanding this Sample

This sample consists of three distinct source projects:

  • Xcode Project in Objective-C
  • Xamarin.iOS Binding classes
  • Xamarin.iOS Sample Project

Please see the README in each project folder for more details.