Xamarin.iOS - Red & Green Notifications

iOS 12 introduced various notification-related features, including:

  • Provisional notifications
  • Notification management features
  • Dynamic notification action buttons
  • Interactive notification content
  • Critical alerts (not covered in this sample)
  • Grouped notifications (not covered in this sample)

This sample demonstrates how to:

  • Send provisional notifications.
  • Create a custom notification UI.
  • Add dynamic action buttons to a custom notification UI.
  • Add interactive interface elements to a custom notification view.
  • Set up an in-app notification management screen to which iOS can directly link.

Provisional nortifications examples


  • Run the app.
  • Notice that the app does not ask for permission to send notifications. This is because it sends provisional notifications – a feature added in iOS 12 that delivers notifications quietly (only to the Notification Center, without an alert, and without a sound) by default, and without needing explicit user permission.
  • Tap the Red notification and Green notification buttons.
  • iOS delivers these notifications quietly, since they are provisional.
  • After a few seconds, swipe down from the top of your device or simulator to view Notification Center.
  • Use the management features on the provisional notifications to indicate whether or not you'd like to keep receiving them.
  • In particular, tap Turn off... and then Configure in Red & Green Notifications to open the in-app notification management view and enable or disable red and green notifications individually.
  • Use 3D Touch to open the custom notification view for the red and green notifications in Notification Center.
  • Use the notification's action buttons to rotate the image in its custom view. Notice that the notification action buttons change depending on the rotation of the image.
  • Use the slider to adjust the image's opacity.
  • Use the "Dismiss notification," "Remove notification," and "Launch app" buttons in the custom notification view to close the notification, remove it from Notification Center, and launch the app.
  • In the iOS Settings app, open up the notification settings for the Red & Green Notifications app, and tap Red & Green Notifications Notification Settings to jump to the in-app custom notification management screen.


Code is released under the MIT license