Xamarin.iOS - WatchComplication

To configure complications in the simulator:

  1. Command+Shift+H until you see the watch face
  2. Command+Shift+2 enables force-touch deep press
  3. Click anywhere on the watch face to see the configuration mode
  4. Command+Shift+1 disables force-touch deep press
  5. Click on the Configuration button
  6. Click-drag to swipe left/right until you see the complications configuration
  7. Click on each configuration, and use the up & down arrows on the keyboard or swipe up & down on trackpad to simulate the Digital Crown
  8. One of the complications should be the one in your app (use CFBundleDisplayName to set the text displayed)

Apple watch complication

Add complications to gallery

When the complication bundle has been added to the iOS App project, examples of the complication will appear in the Face Gallery:

Complications gallery

Previews of other faces with the complication can also be explored:

Complications faces

WatchComplication (watchOS 3) application screenshot


Watch screenshots use Bezel courtesy of infinitapps