Xamarin.Mac - ExtensionSamples

This sample demonstrates how to use app extensions in Xamarin.Mac. To register an extension on your machine you'll need run the host application, ExtensionSamples one time and then enable each plugin from the System Preference Extension panel.

Open "Console" application to view the system log to view NSLog / Errors / Crashes of extension. Cleaning this project will unregister this plugin from the system.

Sample extensions:

  • Share extension
  • Finder extension
  • Today extension

ExtensionSamples application screenshot

Build Requirements

OS X 10.11, Xcode 7.0 or later


Running the sample

  1. Open the solution file (.sln) in Visual Studio for Mac.
  2. Use the Run button or menu to start the app.


OS X 10.11


Xamarin samples released under the MIT license