Xamarin.Android - WatchFace

WatchFace is a sample app that accompanies the article, Creating a Watch Face.

This sample demonstrates how to use CanvasWatchFaceService and CanvasWatchFaceService.Engine to implement a custom Android Wear watch face. This analog-style watch face sports an hour hand, a minute hand, and a seconds hand; it also handles changes between ambient mode and interactive mode. A time zone receiver listens for time zone changes and updates the time as needed.

The watch face service is packaged with a very simple app that is used only as a packaging vehicle for getting the watch face service into the Wear device (the app doesn't interact with the watch face).

To run the watch face:

  1. Build and deploy the solution to the Wear device.

  2. Swipe right until you the default watch face appears.

  3. Press down for a second to enter the watch face picker (alternately, you can enter Setup and tap Change watch face).

  4. Swipe until you see the Xamarin Sample watch face.

  5. Tap to select the Xamarin Sample watch face.

Note that this app depends on the Xamarin Android Wear Support Libraries.

This sample was ported from the Java WatchFace sample described in the Android Developer Drawing Watch Faces topic.