How to manage queries in System Center Configuration Manager

Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

Use the information in this topic to help you manage queries in System Center Configuration Manager.

For information about how to create queries, see How to create queries in System Center Configuration Manager.

How to manage queries

In the Monitoring workspace, select Queries, select the query to manage, and then select a management task.

Use the following table for more information about the management tasks that might require some information before you select them.

Management task Details More information
Run Runs the selected query and displays the results in the Configuration Manager console. No additional information.
Install Client Opens the Install Client Wizard that lets you install the Configuration Manager client on computers returned by the selected query.

This option is not available for queries that return mobile devices, users, or user groups.
For more information about how to install Configuration Manager clients by using client push, see Deploy clients to Windows computers.
Export Opens the Export Objects Wizard that lets you export this query to a Managed Object Format (MOF) file that can then be imported at another site. No additional information.
Move Opens the Move Selected Items dialog box where you can move the selected query to a folder that you previously created under the Queries node. No additional information.

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