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September 2019

Migrate inputs from Windows Analytics

During onboarding, you can now migrate inputs from an existing Windows Analytics workspace. For more information, see the FAQ for Existing Windows Analytics customers.

Offboard from Desktop Analytics

If you set up Desktop Analytics in your environment, but want to stop using the service, you can now close your account. If you change your mind in 90 days, you can reactivate the account. For more information, see How to close your account.

August 2019

Reset your account

If you set up Desktop Analytics in your environment, but want to start over with onboarding and enrollment, you can now reset it. For more information on the process, see Reset your account.

Automatic upgrade decision of system and store apps

To help reduce your efforts in annotating noteworthy apps, certain types of apps are automatically marked as Not important. The deployment plan upgrade decision for these apps is also marked as Ready. The following apps are compatible and should continue to work after you upgrade Windows:

  • System apps and components published by Microsoft

  • Apps managed and updated from the Microsoft Store

For more information, see Automatic upgrade decision of system and store apps.

What's new in Configuration Manager

The Desktop Analytics docs always refer to functionality in the latest version of Configuration Manager current branch. For more information on the latest changes in Configuration Manager, see the following articles: