What's new in the System Center Configuration Manager SDK

This article lists any recent additions or changes to the Configuration Manager software development kit (SDK).

Configuration Manager SDK redistributables available on NuGet

In addition to the Client Messaging SDK package, additional libraries are now available on NuGet.

Management point API (MPAPI)

The MPAPI contains the management point interface libraries.

For more information, see the MPAPI documentation for these libraries on MSDN.


The MPAPI documentation is planned to migrate to the docs.microsoft.com platform in the future.

Install status MIF COM library (ISMIFCOM)

ISMIFCOM is a COM library with a class wrapper for the install status MIF functions.

For more information, see the ISMIFCOM documentation.

Data discovery record creation libraries

SMSRsGen and SMSRsGenCtl are legacy COM libraries used to create data discovery records (DDRs).


These are legacy libraries. The current recommendation is to use the Client Messaging SDK DiscoveryDataRecordFile class. Use the latest Client Messaging SDK package from NuGet.

For more information, see the SMSResGen documentation

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