Getting Started with Configuration Manager and Windows PowerShell

In System Center Configuration Manager, Windows PowerShell allows you to manage a Configuration Manager hierarchy by using Windows PowerShell scripts, Windows PowerShell cmdlets, and the Windows PowerShell Drive Provider.

Windows PowerShell is the next generation automation interface for Microsoft Windows and System Center products. Windows PowerShell integration in the Configuration Manager console provides an easily accessible automation interface for orchestrating Configuration Manager. System Center Configuration Manager provides a rich set of Windows PowerShell cmdlets to facilitate Configuration Manager automation.

As in previous releases of Configuration Manager, the basic method of accessing Configuration Manager functionality is through the SMS Provider (WMI). Building PowerShell scripts to automate or extend Configuration Manager is similar to earlier documented approaches using VBScript and C#.

Windows PowerShell and Configuration Manager

The below topics provide an introduction to using Windows PowerShell and steps to connect Windows PowerShell to Configuration Manager.

More Resources

PowerShell and Cmdlet Help: Although PowerShell help is available from the PowerShell command-line, the same information is available online. A few example sites are listed below.

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