Grade Sync


School Data Sync imports classes and rosters to Office 365 for Microsoft Teams. Once classes are synced and created by SDS, teachers can create, manage, and grade assignments within their Class Teams.

Grade Sync can be enabled by the SDS Admin, providing teachers the ability to automatically write grades from Teams back to the gradebook in the SIS. If the SDS Admin enables Grade Sync, it does not force grades to be written back automatically though. Teachers will have the option to enable Grade Sync on a per assignment basis, and record grades from a single location within Teams.

To enable Grade Sync, the SDS Admin provides the connection details using the instructions below. Completing this process makes Grade Sync functionality available for all Class Teams created and managed by SDS.

SDS currently supports Grade Sync with PowerSchool SIS through the Microsoft Grade Sync add-in.


Grade Sync is based off of the currently signed-in User/Teacher and what their linked PowerSchool account has access to within PowerSchool itself. It is NOT based solely on the class. If you are experiencing issues with Teachers being able to create assignments, please ensure they have appropriate access within PowerSchool.

Enable Grade Sync

To Enable Grade Sync, complete the steps below:

  1. Deploy SDS using the PowerSchool API connection method.

  2. Sync all Classes to O365 you intend Grade Sync to support.

  3. Add the Microsoft Grade Sync add-in in PowerSchool. Adding this will enable read/write permissions between Office 365 and PowerSchool.

    a. Download the Microsoft Grade Sync add-in []

    b. Login on PowerSchool with an administrator account.

    c. Navigate to System -> System Settings -> Plugin Management Configuration

    • If the Microsoft Grade Sync add-in is not already installed, click Install, select the ZIP file from step 1 and click Install.
    • If the legacy Microsoft Grade Sync add-in is installed, click on the Add-in, click Update, select the ZIP file from step 1, and click Submit.

    d. Verify the Microsoft Grade Sync add-in is shown in the plugin list and is enabled. The current version should be

    e. Choose Data Configuration and record the Client ID and Client Secret listed.


If you get the error "Plugin file contains a file that already exists: queries_root/", you will need to remove our previous add-in named "EduConnect Add-in" and try again from step 3c. You will then need to re-register Class Notebook with the new Client ID and Client Secret.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your Global Admin credentials.

  2. Click on the Grade Sync page option, on the left-hand navigation menu right above Settings.

  3. Enter your SIS connection details.


  • Endpoint URL - Base URL for your PowerSchool SIS. Must be internet accessible.
  • Client ID - Client ID recorded when you installed your Microsoft Grade Sync plugin.
  • Client Secret - Client Secret recorded when you installed your Microsoft Grade Sync plugin.
  • Teacher Email Address – Email Address of a Teacher that exists and is licensed within both systems.


Microsoft Grade Sync requires the Email Address of any Teacher that exists and is licensed within both systems. When you click submit in the next step, the Microsoft Grade Sync add-in will confirm this email address is valid. If it cannot be confirmed, the connection will not complete. Only Teachers of the same domain will be enabled for Grade Sync.

Additional information for teachers can be found at: Sync new and existing assignments to PowerSchool.